Everyone has a story.  Ours goes like this-

For us it began with homelessness.  Homelessness is an issue no matter what city you live in.  Being involved with several local outreach programs we've become friends with our homeless homies.  Whether we are there to hand out water, toiletries, or blankets, the request is always the same: "Do you have any spare change?" 

Even though most of us pay with plastic, we always manage to find some coins lurking at the bottom of a bag, in the car, and of course that drawer we all have in our kitchen.  We decided to start consciously collecting change so that we had it to give to our friends in need.  What started as a personal effort snowballed into a large group of people in competition to see who could collect the most change. 

Such a small effort was making such a big difference to those we were helping.  Why wouldn't everyone want to do this?  You don't have to donate large sums of money, or dedicate hours of your time to make a difference.  Change the World Project was created so that everyone could get involved, change the world for the better, and inspire others to do the same.  There are so many great causes and organizations out there- why not try to support them all?  And of course we wanted a super cool jar to throw our change in for everyone to see!